I’m Andrii Degeler, a communications specialist and tech journalist born in Ukraine and currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2007, I’ve been covering all things technology for online and offline publications both in Ukraine and internationally.

Currently, I work as the head of brand and community at Rockstart, a multi-vertical startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurs by providing access to the market, capital, expertise, and community. I also write occasional pieces for Ars Technica UK and The Next Web, as well as some other publications and blogs. I cover all things technology and startups, as well as the tech scene of Central and Eastern Europe.

I used to send out the weekly newsletter ProCEEd > with all the significant tech news headlines from CEE. Over time, ProCEEd > has grown beyond the newsletter, and now also includes a podcast and a startup consultancy. The project is currently on hold, but this will change soon—stay tuned.

On the side, I’m interested in the topics of editorial structures, media monetization, and the future of journalism as a whole. The main product of my studies at the University of Groningen (2011–2013) is a Master’s thesis called “Market Development Through Digitization: Newsroom Structures and Editorial Practices In Converged Online Media—Cases of The Next Web, The Verge, and Engadget.” It’s based on a series of interviews with editors of well-known tech media. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the newsrooms of some of the best tech publications, give it a read.

Apart from my work and studies, I’m an ultimate frisbee player, cyclist, boardgames lover, and civil aviation enthusiast.